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Primo Piano Suites – room rental Navona works in partnership with companies that rent vacation homes in Berlin. You can contact us with no strings attached to get special deals or simply for information.

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Berlin, among the most modern and surprising European cities, will amaze you with its neighborhoods that put you into direct contact with art, culture, design, history and nature.

A city with human dimensions in which people live the perfect balance between free time and daily life far from the hectic pace which characterizes so many European cities.

A city with an important past, that has learned how to rebuild itself over time and today offers its visitors days spent in beautiful parks, monuments, strolling through chic districts or taking a break in a coffee shop to enjoy a moment of relaxation, soaking in this avant-garde city so densely packed with history: with its versatility it is suitable to all needs, whether of those working as entrepreneurs or managers in the high-rises of Potsdamer Platz, or of the artists populating the Prenzlauerberg district.

The structures we collaborate with are actually in the avant-garde Prenzelauerberg district, where you will be able to find the in clubs and experience unforgettable moments in one of the most chic and sought after districts of Berlin.